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Providing humanitarian services to victims of disasters through life-saving support initiatives.

Who We Are

U-DIREF is a Nigeria-based Non-Governmental Organisation registered to provide humanitarian services to victims of disasters through life-saving support initiatives.

It was registered in 2019 with the aim of rekindling the hope of communities affected by disasters through behavioural change programmes based on practicable morally and culturally sound standards, while enhancing resilience against poverty-generating factors within communities.

and Skilled Staff

We have a well-balanced and skilled staff and practitioners in disaster management, risk reduction, and resilience-building that cut across both religious and ethnic divides which build meaningful community ownership of the programmes and generate lasting positive impacts.

Provides Lifesaving
Support Services

U-DIREF provides lifesaving support services in shelter, camp management, protection, health, education, environment, food, nutrition, logistics, water, sanitation, and hygiene and enhances resilience through livelihood recovery programmes in post-crisis and transition settings.

The way we Design, Engage, and Implement
an Intervention

Is framed with focus on inclusiveness, thereby fostering ownership to stimulate sustainability. Depending on the context, we use in kind, cash transfers, and vouchers as modalities to ensure effective and efficient intervention.

Our Surge Staff and Grassroots Volunteers

Are available and ready to be deployed into hard-to-reach areas at short notice and are well-trained to respect and apply the humanitarian principles while carrying out their duties.


We strongly believe and uphold the principles of "DO NO HARM" as we value human lives and their individual contributions to their respective communities while building respectful partnerships at all levels.

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