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Needs Assessment

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U-DIREF Carries out needs assessment in Borno IDP camps

Like in countries around the world, the greatest fear in Nigeria has been the spread of COVID-19 in communities.

Field staff of the Universal Disaster Recovery Foundation (U-DIREF) recently undertook a needs assessment in some four IDP camps in Borno State, northeast Nigeria, including Mashidimani II, Molai Museni, and Sabon Gari II and II camps.

Located within host communities, these camps were known to be undeserved during an earlier monitoring visit. The needs assessment was, therefore, intended to enable U-DIREF to determine critical areas in which to intervene in a bid to ameliorate the situation of the members of these camps.

All the camps had identical needs – hygiene kits, hygiene promotion campaigns, non-food items (NFIs), livelihood support as well as women and youth empowerment.

It was discovered that in Mashidimani II and Molai Museni camps, there was an urgent need for hygiene kits, so, U-DIREF immediately donated some antiseptics for the disinfection of toilets and bathrooms.